My Story:

Louise Glover  l started out competing in Miss Great Britain at 18 which led onto me representing Great Britain in Miss Earth Finals in the Philippines. It was not only a great stepping stone as a model but an Environmental beauty pageant focusing on earth issues. We visited universities and schools to help educate students on environmental and health issues that we had going on in our own countries and I was so fortunate to plant trees over the 4 weeks for Great Britain and help out at the Manilla local orphanage. On my return to the UK I signed to top London model agencies and started modelling for calendars, lingerie & bikini catalogues, not long after I made the big move to London to make it as a professional model. I’ve now been a professional model for over 12 years and I mostly work as a fitness model.

In 2012 I fell seriously ill with septicaemia after being failed by medical professionals after suffering infection after infection and my life being in danger and going into cardiac arrest after a line of medical negligence. After 4 weeks in hospital, I came out of hospital with a new prospective and determination on introducing nutritional therapy and daily exercise into my life making my health my only priority. I went on to eating all the super foods and organic and brining out my  own healthy living cookbook range to studying nutrition and being a personal trainer. I took back control of my health and created a new life for myself and thats the greatest feeling on earth. I now have the knowledge to help others get fit and healthy and live a better quality of life. Because Knowledge is power and our health is priceless..

2023 – Today I work as a global humanitarian volunteer. My most recent work is with rescue dogs in bettering their lives. I’ve traveledl all over the world working as a volunteer mainly after natural disasters like hurricanes and mud slides and helped support in rural communities in countries such as Mexico,  Malaysia, Belize, Nepal and Peru. I will continue working closely with nature & helping others when and where I can and use my platform to educate and teach the importance to help  others and getting hands on involved in bettering  nature to live in a more sustainable and caring world.