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Mt. Everest Base Camp 2015.

Mt.Everest B.C Himalayas in Nepal 2015

For Charity The British Lung Foundation.

In 2015 I lost both my parents, my amazing dad died of Pneumonia and my beautiful mum died from a broken heart over losing her soulmate my dad. Both only in there 50’s and both the absolute love’s of my life and this was so unexpected. It was the most tragic loss of this lifetime and I lost them both only 5 months apart. I was living in London on my own, single and 400 miles away from the nearest long distance relatives. So rather than suffering alone or suffering at all, my mum and dad only ever wanted to see me happy and doing well for myself, so I turned such a difficult time into something positive and diverted all my energy to committing myself to raise thousands of pounds for charity: The British Lung Foundation and to get super fit to climb Mt.Everest out of honour and in total Loving memory of my parents. I managed to get to Mt.Everest Base Camp in November 2015 and I scattered my mums ashes there along with a locket of my dads hair and I said my final goodbyes. The experience was heaven on earth and the greatest achievement I’ve ever achieved, with love and light along the way from my guardian angels.

Mt.Everest National Park, Himalayas, Nepal.


In Nepal, Lukla Village with the Sherpas Children at the start of me journey up  Mt.Everest in the Himalayas. 



Ain’t no mountain high enough, aint no valley low enough. On my journey up Mt. Everest, high up over looking Namche Bazar Village. 

Scattering my mums ashes & the locket of my dads hair on Mt.Everest months after they suddenly passed  away. Going to Everest the highest place and most heavenly beautiful place on earth, was just my way of saying showing how much I honoured my parents and my way of saying goodbye and letting go…


Peru, South America 2017 -2018

For Charity All Hands, Natural Disaster Recovery

I recently volunteered  with All Hands charity in North Peru. They are a non profit Natural Disaster Flood Recovery and Relief organisation. Helping in construction to build a pre-school with disabled access from scratch and demolish the remains of the previous pre-school after the floods and mudslides devastated and left thousands homeless and hundreds dead. In the north of Peru. I was working in an Afro South American community. The family and kids were all  so humbled, pleased and grateful for our help. The Peruvian government don’t always help some of the poorest communities away from main towns and tourist areas. So we came to the rescue at All hand and hearts and has been a massive success.

Rebuilding hope In North Peru. 

Above: Digging the foundation of the school in Peru.

Malaysia Borneo – Raleigh International 2004

For one month. I went over to the Borneo Malaysia and trekked through the jungle for 3 days to get to a small tucked away ruerl village in the jungle that needed help with extending there wooded stilt pre-school in the forest. I helped with all different construction work, we was a group of 11 volunteers and took turns at helping  teach children english and got to teach them British sports and games, which was easy to incorporate into there lifestyles and the kids loved having us there. Such an amazing opportunity at 21 yrs old.

International Raleigh International Charity organisation


 It was 3x days walking to the nearest road. Rural Village in Borneo Jungle


Belize C.America – Raleigh International 2000

At 17 years old, I Volunteered for the first time for 12 weeks, to take part in  Jungle and island Project in Central America. Helping to build a school in a rural village, teaching Belize children english and helping with foot bridges in the rainforest and helped rebuild and re-design The paradise island of Half moon Caye, exotic paradise island off the coast of Belize that was hit and ruined by a torpedo that ripped half the island apart, so we went as a group to help restore the national monument with charity Raleigh International in 2000. I was a very lucky and proud  17 year old.